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U'it/i tlie permission and Jielp of the Rev. Canox Stokes / have printed the Registers of Weston Underwood, in the Comity of Buckingham. Twenty-five copies only have been

printed, ofichich this is A'o. 25.

Grove Park, Denmark Hill, London, S.E.





1710. SeptemM;"'. Matthew Poole & Mar>' Purden.

1711. Feby. 4"". Michael Laite & Anne Evetts.

1712. August 13. Tobias Hoarwood, sexagenarius, Protest. & Frances

Cole, prope Septuagenaria, jam quarto uxor. October y' 2f''. John Evetts & Sara Wise, Protest. December y'^ 23''. George Eeds, Prot., & Mary Reevp.

17 13. February y" z*". Samuel Hinks & Sara Stiles.

August 25"". James Fermour, Esq', & M" Marj' Throckmorton : teste numerosa Congregatione.

1714. January the ig"". William Throckmorton, Prot., &: Margareth

Chapman : testibus Mrs. Gough and her Daughter.


At Weston

January i3'\ M^ John Wright & M" Elizabeth Rook : testibus Sponsje

Patre, & Matre, &:c. July 8'\ Philip Dawson & Elizabeth Osburn : testibus duobus fratribus

et fratrinas et sorores sponsa;. July 3o'\ George Parrott & Elizabeth Goodwin : testibus Matre et

avunculo Sponsas. August 2°^ William Jaques, alias Charles, & Frances Mawbey : testibus

Joanne Flint cum uxore & duabus filiabus. Aug. y^ 10". Charles Goudes & Catharine Goodwin : testibus Simone

Goude, fratre Sponsi, Joanne Boucher, avunculo Sponsa;,

duobusq alijs. 1 7 16. May 20'*. Joseph Wakeraan and Mary Hill : testibus Georgio Ryland et

IVIaria Hight. Eod: ditto. John Boucher and Mary West: testibus Parentibus, etc.

Sponsoe. September y' 30. Thomas Andrews and Margareth Arrowsmith : testibus

Richardo Boucher, Sen., Michaele Archer, etc. 1718. Jan^. 27. Edward Foster & Anne Bentley : testibus N. Whit- . greave & Mary Billington.

March 25. Samuel Peach & Anne Pcnderel : testibus Gulielmo

Smith, ejusq uxore.

lyiS. June 9"". Thomas Hanson, widower, & Mar)- West, Widow. Wittncsses : Thomas Nitchil with his wife and Aunt.

1719. February S'". Paul West and Elizabeth Toms. Wittnesses :

Thomas Nitchil with liis W'Ue, Aunt, &c. April the 5'\ Frances (ioode and Elizabeth Wattford. Witt- nesses : John and Anne Goode, &c., the Bridegroom's Parents. Item. ibid. Thomas Edwins & Rebecca Charles. The Wittnesses were the same as the former. October 18. John Krrin-ton & Mary Goodes. The Wittnesses were Simon Goudcs & -James Goodes, both the Bride's brothers.

1720. May 2''. S' Windsor Hunloke & Charlotte Throckmorton:

before a numerous assuin'jly.

15. John Goodes and Elizabeth Stretton : before Father

and Mother and brothers.

Septem. 11. Clement Goude and Susanna Flint, before her Father and Mother and her Sister, Etc. 1723. Jan^ 6"". Peter Gifford, of Chillin-don, Esq., & Barbara Throck- morton, before a full assembly, on Epiphany.

1710. 1711.




Novemb. 12. Richard Reason. Decemb. 1*'. Catharine Waters.

Feb. 7"". Frances Baker. March 20. Margareth Bo)'er. April I*'. Frances Stanford. May 11"'. Thomas Reeve. Aug. 3. Winifride Harris. Sep^ IQ'^ Joseph Aston.

January 6'\ Mary Chapman.

12. Richard Parsons.

Feby. 9. Thomas l,aite. April 13. Winifride Harris. Aug. 10. Lawrence Reeve. October 11"'. John Waters. Oct. 27. Thomas Hawthorn. Novem. 2. Catharine ]\Iills.

January iS"'. Winifride Reason. March the iS"'. Elizabeth Boyer. May 26"'. William Baker.

31". Mary Harris.

June 9'^ Mary Skillett.

1713- August y" first. Elizabeth Sturdey.

Io'^ George Gardiner Hudley.

31". James Eeds Satidbirne.

Novem. 15. Thomas Osbum Bidford.

1714. January the i4"'. Anne Allen, Daugiiter to George and Mary

Allen, at Winford.

2 5"\ Anne White, daughter to Matthew White and

Mary A\Tiite, At Alcester.

25"" Joseph ^Vaters, Son to William Waters and Eliza- beth Waters, Ouversley Lodge.

26'\ Richard Davics, Son to Edward Davies and

P'rances Davies, at the Kidge way.

At Weston.

September I7'^ Marj' Rudder, the daughter of William Ruddcy and Elizabeth Batten. Gossips, George Ryland and Eliza- beth Laughton.

November 17. Elizabeth Frazie, the daughter of Francis Frazie. Gossi])s, Elizabeth Watford and my^eii.

1 7 15. June 27. Elizabeth Clarke, the daughter of John Clarke and

Alary Sturdy. Gossips, George Ryland, etc. 7tember 27. Eleonora Hobs, } . „, 9ber IS'" Robert Cox, ^ At lurvey.

1716. January i4"\ Elizabeth Osburn, the daughter of John Osbum

and Mary N. Gossips, John Clarke & N. Goodes. March 22. Edward Woodin, at Turvey, the son of Thomas

Woodin and Margareth Goodwin. Gossips, John Hewlett

& Mary Parrott. July is'\ William West, at Weston, the Son of William West

& Mary. Gossips, Robert & Mary Charles. Item. James Goodes, at Weston, the son of Charles Goodes

and Catherine Goodwin. Gossips, M". Laughton &

Simon Goodes, the Infant's uncle. September 12. James Boucher, at Weston, the Son of John

Boucher, Jun., and N. N. Gossips, Elizabeth Goudes &

Paul West. October Io'^ James Abraham, at Weston, the Son of John &

Mary Abraham. Gossips, Mary Goud<?s and Giles Osburn.

1 7 17. February 23. Charles James Jakes (vulgo Charles), at Weston,

the first child of William Charles and Frances Mawbey.

Gossips, Ambrose Charles and Anne Flint. March 23. William Readey, the son of Will. Readey and Eliza- beth Batten. Gossips, John Boucher, Sen., and Eleanor

Goodes. May 21". Joseph Goode, the Son of Francis Goode and Magdalen Puy. Gossips, Ambrose Jakes & Elizabeth Whitgrea\-e. August 28. Mary Eaton, at Turvey, y" daughter of William and

Anne Eaton: The Godmother, Mary y" Maid. October 30'". Anne Fisher, at Dainton, the daughter of William

Fisher and Esther Brown. The Godmother Elizabeth


1718. February 9"'. James Woodin, at Turvey, the Son of Robbin

Woodin and Margaret Goodin : the Godf. John Hewlett. Godm. Mary Floor.


lyiS. July 31. John Osburn, at Weston, the Son of John Osburn and

Mar)' Willcocks. The Godfather, Thomas Cooper. The

Godmother, Anne Willcocks. October 3". John Clarke, at Weston, the Son of John Clarke

and Mary Sturdcy. The Godfather William Hughes.

Godmother Anne Peach. November 7"". Anne Foster, in the chace, the daughter of

Edward Foster & Anne Gilloway. The Godfather George

Ryeland. The Godmother Suzan Flint. December i3'\ Mary Parrott, at Weston, the daughter of George

Parrott & Elizabeth Goodwin. The Godfather Paul West,

Jun. The Godmother Ursula Archer.

1719. January 15. Ambrose Charles, at Weston, the Son of Willi.am

Charles & Frances Mawbey. The Godfather John Cuttler, Godm. Elizabeth Ready.

March 25. James West, at ^Veston, the Son of William West and Eliz.abeth N. The Godfather William Layton, The Godmother Anne Green.

July 26*. Anne Winifride Boucher, the daughter of John Boucher and Mary N. The Godmother Winifride West.

August 12. Joseph Ready, at Weston, the Son of William Readey and Eliz.ibeth Batten. The Godfather John Cutt- ler & Godmother Anne Green.

Decern 5'". John West, immediately after he was born ; in haste, without the ceremonies, because he seem'd to be dying. He living till next day, had all that was omitted, perform'd. He is the Son of Paul West and Elizabeth Toms. William Hughes was the Godfather, and M" Rook the Godmother.

1720. May 18. Edward Osburn, at Weston, the Son of John Osburn

and Mary Willcocks. The Godfather William Dawson. The Godmother Eleanor Goudes, Sen.

1721. Feb 6'^ Will. Hobs, at Tur\-ey,the Son of Will, and Doll Hobs.

The Godfather Will. Eaton. The Godmother Anne Eaton.

Ditto. Simon Godwin, at Turvey, the Son of Rob. & Margaret

Godwin. The Godf Will. Eaton, the Godm. Mary Hobs.

1793. June 9. Miss Teresa Mary Throckmorton. Born on Trinity

Sunday, Bap'.


1 7 10. Nov. 12. George Ryeland, a Serv' to the Steward at Coughton.

17 1 1. Feb. 3. Michael Laite, a young man on the Ridge-way. May 28. Anne Bolt. A Servant maid at Lawford.

17 12. Mar. 25. John Stanford, Esq., on his death bed.

Aug. 7. Edward Miller, a farmer at Morton-under-hill, on his death bed. Recovered and did well. 4

1713- Apl. 7. Richard Heramin, a Servant of 20 years age at Ouvcr- sley Lodge. Septem. 5. Thomas Gibs, a Servant of about 24 years age, at Coughton Lod^'e.

1714. November 17. At Turvey. Anne Eaton, wife to an honest

Catholick Countrey-man.

1 7 15. April 12. At Weston, Mary Osburn, wife to a Catholick hus-

band. Item, Mary Griffin, honesta puella, ibid. Xber. y" 27. At Weston, Anna Ready, honesta puella. Item,

Lydia Hobs, wife to a Protestant Husband.

1716. Feb. 17"". Mary Kitchener, vetula, at Olney, wife to Richard

Kitchener. 17 18. Apl. 3. At Weston, Anne Willcocks, honesta puella.

May 31. Ibid. Anne Osburo, u.xor Egidij Osburn, hortulani

nostri. Julij the 6'". George Perrott, primarij aratoris nostri.

1718. Dec. 31. Philip Dawson, an honest labouring young fellow,

husband to Elizabeth Osburn. Item. Anne Griffin, a Good young girl, the late Shepherd's daughter.

1 7 19. March 25. William Ready, our shepherd.

September 3. Thomas Gilloway : a young-man, the keeper's Son, in the chase, in a fitt of sickness.

October iS. Anne Atterbury. A marry'd woman of Northamp- ton : she seemed to have received the thought of her conversion by a particular inspiration.


1 71 1. May 20. Rachel Horn. A dropsy.

June 5'^ Charles. At Sawford. A Small poxe.

g. Elizabeth Preston. A sudden death. July y" 1 7. Elizabeth Cale. A sudden death. Sep' y^ 5. Francis Mould. Feaver.

10. Thomas Chapman. The small poxe. Decern, is"". Elizabeth Mould. Feaver. 26. Elizabeth Baker. Feaver.

17 12. March 29. John Stanford, Esq'. June 14. Mary Hands. Feaver.

1 7 13. March 18. Josepha Allwood. Lenta phtysi. Sawford. May y' 3. Frances Sturdey. Bedrid.

21. Mary Sturdey. Lenta phtysi. June 25. Frances Hanvood. Vetula. febri. Aug. the 25'\ Steven Morgan. Senex. Coughton. hydrope.

1714. Febrary y' 2''. WinifrideBiddle. Vetula. Lenta phtysi Sandburn. May y'' g"". AP. George Throckmorton, febri. Westonia.

1715. March 16. Frances Goods. \'etula. Nov^ 6"". Susan Butcher. Lenta phtysi.


17 17' Jan. 2 7- Frances Hanson. Vctula. apoplcxia : ngonizavit ah 19°" circa horam octavam vebportinam : qui erat dies Sabbati usq ad meridiem dici 27'" qui erat Dominicus hoq toto spatio septem dierum nihil cibi sumpsit nisi pauculas guttas vini neq verbum unicum audita est loqui, nisi semel ; O my Gud.

February j"". Susanna Bennett. Infans.

April y" 12. Dorothea Joyce, at Carlton. Vetula. hydrope. 26. Mary Kitchener, at Olney. Vetula. phtysi.

May II'^ ?*[ary Hobs. Vetula. At Turvcy. Magdalen Goode. Keumate.

September 29. Elizabetha Laughton. Suflbcata evomito crudo sanguine.

November 27. Thomas Jackson. Apoplexia et subitanca morte. 17 iS. March 26. James Sturdey. hydrope. Suddenly in one respect, viz., in a slumber, but prepared by a long sickness.

May the 28'". Dorothea Eaton, at Turvey, of old age cS; its distempers.

June the 19. M". Elizabeth Wright, at Weston, in Child- bed of flits, or rather by mis-carriage, for the child was still-born, & about 2 months before its time.

September the 19"'. Robert Rook, at Weston, the said Elizabeth's father, of y'^ gout in his stomach, in 3 days sickness. Intestate. 171S. October 6"". Mary Clarke, at A\'eston, the wife of John Clarke, in Childbed : a person of a very holy life. She left seven children.

Nov. 9. Clement Friday.

December 9"". Margarita Brand, at Turvey. Septuagenaria. A person of a very holy life. She left one Son and five daughters.

1 7 19. January 2. Martha Charles, at Weston. Se.xagenaria in-

nupta ; a good devout woman. January 16. Elizabeth Boucher, at Weston, wife to Richard

Boucher, Jun'. A good devout woman. January 31. Eleonora Fryday, at Stoke, widow to Clement

Fryday. She left three daughters. March 9"". Richard Boucher, at Weston ; about fourscore

years old : a good honest man. May 25. Mary Goodman, at A\'eston, above fourscore years

., old : a vertuous good woman. October i". Thomas Gilloway, in the Chase. Became a

Catholick three weeks before his death, made an happy

end : and out of desire of lying amongst Catholicks was

bury'd at Weston. October 18. Nicholas Fortescue, Esq. at Weston. He was

in his 83'' year, and had spent the latter part of his life in

prayer and piety. December S. John West ; an infant of 3 days. Eleonor

Fryday ; a girl of 14 years. Both at Weston.

1720. March 28. Thomas Clifford, at Weston, of a violent cold


and feavcr. He devoutly prepar'd himself for the Viati- cum and Extream unction from the beginning of jiis last sicknesse, which took him at Chappel, and "lasted eight days.

1721. Jan. 5'\ William Blakey," Priest of the H. Order of S' Bennet. Sweet Jesus Have Mercy on his soul. He dyed at Weston. Feb. 10. Mauritius Sturdy. At Weston. A devout old man.

March S"', 172°. S' Robert Throckmorton. A person of a (iood, Charitable, & Com]iassionate Temper, e.xtremely La- mented by all that knew him, both Rich & poor. He dyed an unexpected, but I hope not unprovided Death. Sweet Jesus grant him an Eternal Rest.

May 7"', 1722. Dyed the Eady Mary Throckmorton, having received all the rites of y' Churcli. Requicscat in pace.

June 17"", 1723. Dyed the Lady Teresa Throckmorton, having re- ceived all y'' Rites of y" Church. Requiescat in pace.

Catalogue eorum qui per me inntti sunt £@atrimonio.

Joannes Emery et Maria Charl's. An. 1727.

Michael Archer et Eliz. Riddy.

Franciscus Moore et Anastasia Collindridge. An. 1729, 31 au"^.

Edwardus Perkins et Maria Abraham. An. 1731, 27 nov.

Jacobus Riddy et Dina Wick. An. 1732, 3 dec.

Carolus Jacobs et Maria West. An. 1733, 24 feb.

Gulielmus Hopkins et Maria Homes. 1734, i aug.

Joannes Huggins et Anna Hopkins. 1734, 23 nov.

Joannes Draper et Esther Fisher. 1735, Jan. 26.

Carolus Jakes et Eliz. Cooper. 1735, "o^- 24.

Joannes Austen et Maria Fisher. 1736, 4 mar.

Gulielmus Hopkins & Maria Arrowsmith. 1736, 14 junij.

H. Wybarne I Jacobus Jonson & ^L^ria Green. 1736/7, feb. y'' 17.

M. O. S. B. J Thomas Cooper & Maria Goodwin. Maii 31, 1737.

G'"" Rigby I Gulielmus West & Rebecca Fisher, Die 7" Jan. 1737/8.

M. O. S. B. ) testes fuerunt Jacobus Cooper et Anna Osborne.

Josephus Goode et Hester Banks. 1 737, Maii 3"". Testes erant Nicolaus

Letellier, et Eliz. et Anna West. Jacobus Butcher et Dorothea Cox. Aug. 24, 1739. Testes Carolus

Jakes et Anna Read. Joannes Hopkins et Francisca Riddy. Oct. 23, 1739. Testes Josephus

Riddy, maria et Eliz. West.

The-entry of William Blakey is in a different handwriting from the foregoing Registers, from which I infer that he was the Priest who wrote them. His name is nowhere signed in the book.

Thomas Hup^ins et Anna Stonor. Jan. lo, 1740. Testes Thomas

Nechi'.ls, Joannes Huggins, ct francesca fisher. Gulielnius Ho[)kins et EHzabeth Drakett. Jan. 8, 1740. Testes

Joannes Iluggins, Ehz. Waters et Margareta Wood. Jacobus Woodin et t'rancisca Hewlett. Feb. 7. Testes Rob. Woodin et

Maria Parrott. Henricus Hollyway protestans et Eliz. Bennett. Apr. 13'", 1740.

Testes Guliehiius Harris et Anna Harris. Edwardus Woodin et Magdalena Riddy. May i, 1740. Testes John

Hopkins, Margareta Morellj & Maria Osborne. Joannes Osborne et Eliz. fryday. Aug 14, 1740. Testes Thos. Cooper,

Eliz. Osborne et Anna Goode.

Registrum Baptizatorum per me Joan Wythie Presb., Ord. S. Ben" in

Villa dicta Weston Underwood, ab anno 1727. An. 1727 die Maij. Maiia March fdia Thomas March et Eliz. uxoris.

Spon. Gul. Hopkins et jana Abraham. Ditto, die. Anna Watts, filia Joannes Watts et Eliz. uxoris. Ditto, die 10 junij. Gcorgius Goodes, lilius joannis Goodes et Eliz.

uxoris. Sponsores, Simon Goodes et Ditto, die 2 julij. Paulus Butcher, fil. joannis Butcher et Maria: uxoris.

Sp. josephus Bennett & jana West. Ditto, die Oct. Joannes josephus Emery, fil. joannis Emery et Maria

uxoris. Sp. Josephus Ogilby et Anna Grace. Ann. 1728. die 12 feb. Robertus Archer, fil. Michaelis Archer et Eliz.

uxoris. Sp. Robertus Guldeford & Eliz. Neal, per vicarios

Thomam Nechill et Eliz. Ord. Ditto, die 21 maij. Joannes Gushley, fil. Rolandi Gushley et Mariae

uxoris. Spon. Richardus Butcher et Maria Chambers. Ditto, die sequente. Maria Gushley ejusdem Soror uterina. Spon.

Jacobus Clark et Eliz. West. Ditto. Joannes ^Vatts, fil. Joannis Watts et Eliz. uxoris. Sp. Richardus

Eeeky et Jana Collier. Ditto, die 30 julij. Richardus Gardiner, filius . . Gardiner et .... uxoris.

Sponsores, Thomas Collindridge et Sara Fisher. Ditto, die 30 aug. Catharina Smith, filia Vincentij Smith et Anna uxoris.

Sp. Ipsemet cum Catharina Barringer. Ditto, die 16 Sep. Suzanna Eaton, filia Gulielmi et Margarita uxoris.

Sp. Ludovicus Hobs et francisca Riddy. Ditto, die 13 Oct. Ambrosius Emery, filius Joannis Emery et Marine

uxoris. Sp. Gul Harris & Anna Chambers. Ditto, die 27 Oct. 1728. Joannes March, filius Thomse March et Eliz.

Uxoris. Sp. Joannes Butcher et Maria Goodwin. 1729. 7 Jan. Christiana Woodin, filia Robert Woodin et Margarita;

uxoris. Sp. Jacobus Woodin & Francisca Riddy. Ditto, die 4 Feb. Francis Potter, filius Joannis Potter et . ... uxoris.

Sp. Potter et . . . . Hall. Ditto, die 5 Aug. 1729. Carolus Willcox, filius Joannes Wilcox et Mariaj

uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Abraham et Eliz. Waters. Ditto, die 19 Aug. Carolus ^\■atts, fil. Joannis Watts et Eliz. uxoris.

Sp. Joannes West et Eliz. Bennett. Ditto, die 20 nov. Gulielmus Abraham, filius Gulielmi Abraham et

Maria: uxoris. Sponsores jacobus Clark et Franc. Clark.

Ditto, die 24 nov. Joannes Archer, filius Michaelis et Eliz. uxoris.

Sponsores Joan. Cutler et Anna Riddy. Ditto, die 4 Dec. Eliz. Emery, filia Joannis Emery et Marix u.xoris.

Sponsores, Richardus Ingram 6c Maria ISutler. Anno. 1730. 9 Feb. Thos. Dawson, filius I'hillipi Dawson & Anns; uxoris. Sponsores Joan. \Vest & Maria Abraham. Baptizatus est a laica urgente pericuio ; Ritus dcinde supplebantur. 17 Mar. Catharina Smith, filia Vincentii & Annx Uxoris. Spon- sores Ipsemet cum Sara Fisher. 13 Ap. Joannes Potter, filius joannis Potter et . . . . Uxoris.

Sponsores Ilenricus Wybarne et . . . . Hall. 29 Ap. Georgius Woodin, filius Roherti Woodin & Margarita

Uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Hewlett, Dorothea Hobs. 12 Sep. Martha Field . . . baptizata sub conditione. Sponsores

Thomas Netchil & Maria Willcox. 9 Dec Gulielmus Watts, filius Joannis Watts et Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores Richardus Buicher et Jana Abraham. '73'- '5 Feb. Gulielmus \\illcox, filius Joannis Wilcox & Maris u.xoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Charles & Dorothea Mewey. 30 Ap. Helena Goodes, filia Joannis Goodcs et Eliz. uxoris.

Sponsores Gulielmus Abraham & Helena Goods. 27 June. Maria Butler, filia Joannis Butler et . . . uxoris. Spon- sores Joannes Cutler, Maria Butler. N.B. erant Pauperes vagi. 1732. 8 Feb. Elizabeth Abraham, filia Gulielmi Abraham et Maria uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Hopkins & Jana Abraham. Ditto. 1 7 Mar. Eliz. Teresa Whonvood, fil. Thoma; Whorwood et Eliz. Uxoris. Sponsores D. Robertus Throckmorton & D. Teresa Gage. Ditto. 10 Junij. Winefrida Watts, fiha Joannes Watts et Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores Robertus Edens et Eliz. Parrott.

II Sep. Joannes Bud, filius Budet .... uxoris. Sponsores

'733- 4 J^"- Jacobus Perkins, filius Edwardi Perkins et Marise

Uxoris. Sponsores Thos. Whonvood & Jana Abrahams.

5 Feb. Gulielmus Potter, filius Joannis Potter et . . . uxoris.

Sponsores Ipsemet et . . . Hall. 24 Feb. Thomas Matthias Whorwood, filius Thorax WTiorwood et EUz. Uxoris. Sponsores D. Robertus Guldeford et Anna Petre. I Oct. Maria Harris, filia Gulielmi Harris et Ann£ uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Suche et Anna Hopkins. Anno 1734. 6 Jan. Carolus Perkins, filius Edwardi et Marias Perkins

uxoris. Sponsores Jacobus Goodes, Magd. Riddy. Ditto. 3 Feb. Eliz. March, filia Thoma; March et Eliz. Uxoris. Spon- sores Joannes Hopkins, Eliz. Bennet. Ditto. 5 Mar. Jacobus Potter, filius Joannis Potter ct . . . . uxoris. Ditto. 28 Ap. Joannes Riddy, filius jacobi Riddy & Dianse uxoris.

Sponsores Joannes Suche et Maria Riddy. Ditto. 27 Maij. Anna Sturdy, filia Jacobi Sturdy et ... uxoris. Sp.

Joannes Potter & Eliz. Morrice. Ditto. I Julii. Maria Fisher, filia Gulielmi Fisher et Francises uxoris. Anno 1735. 18 Feb. Georgius Huggins, filius Joannis Huggins et Annae uxoris. Sp. Gulielmus Hopkins & Maria Fiord. 9 c

Ditto. 24 Ap. Georgius Harris, filius Gulielmi et Annjc Harris. Spon-

sores Carolus Jakes, Maria Read. Ditto. 16 Maij. Josephus Bennet, filius ct M.-irgarit3S Bennet. Spon-

sores Carolus Bennet, Eliz. Bennet. Ditto. 19 Maij. Paulus West, filius . . . . et Eliz. West. Sponsores

Joannes West et Jana Abrahams. Ditto. II Aug. Jacobus Johnson, filius [acobi Johnson et ... uxoris.

Sp. Joannes Potter & Eliz. Life. Ditto. 9 Nov. francisca Cooper, filia Jacobi Cooper et Sarre Uxoris.

Sponsores Carolus Jakes et Eliz. Cooper. Ditto. 7 Dec. Jacobus Perkins, filius Edwardi Perkins et Maria: uxoris.

Sp. Jacobus Abraham & Dorothea Cox. Ditto. 1 1 Dec. Charlotta Abraham, filius Gulielmi Abraham & Maria;

U.xoris. Si)onsorcs Carolus Jakes & Maria Riddy.

1736. 10 Jan. Maria Eisher, filia J.acobi Fisher <!v:Annce Uxoris. Pa-

irina Maria Osborn sola. Ditto. 30 Jan. Sara Austin, nlia . . . Austin &: Marise uxoris. Spon- sores Gulielmus et Esther Fisher. Ditto. 19 Mar. Gulielmus Hobbs, filius Ludovici Hobbs et . . . Uxoris

Sp. Robertus Woodin et Maria Cox. Ditto. 20 Mar. Ambrosius Jakes, filius Caroli Jakes et Eliz. uxoris. Josephus Goodcs, Anna Goodes. 31 Mar. Joannes Tysom, filius .... Tysom et Helenae uxoris. Sponsores Thos. Eaton, Madg. Riddy. . 18 Ap. Jacobus Butler, filius Joannis Butler, et uxoris. Spon- sores Joannes Osborn et Anna Read. 8 May. Jacobus \Villcox, filius Joannis Willcox & Maris uxoris. Sponsores Edwardus Osborn et Maria Osborn. Ditto. 19 May. Winefrida Harris, filia Gulielmi Harris et Annse Uxoris. Sponsores Thos. Huggins, Maria Riddy. 26 Oct. Elizabeth Collinridge, filia Henrici et Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Huggins & Hester Draper. 1736. I March y' 12, 1736/7. Anna Abraham, filia Guillielmi N. Wybame . & Marix uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Clark &

M. O. S. B. j Anna Clark.

14 Mar. Maria Riddy, filia Jacobi & Dianse uxoris. Sponsores Josephus Riddy & Maria West.

July 15. 1737- Eliz Austin. Sine sponsoribus urgente peri-

culo. Aug. 30. Carolus Huggins, filius Joannis & Anna:. Sponsores

Joan Huggins et Maria Riddy.

1737. Octob" 14.

G'" Winefrida Jakes, filia Carol Jakes et Elizabeths uxoris Suscep- Rigby, tores Tho' Riddy & Winefreda Butcher. M. O. S. B. Nov"'" die 20, 1737, baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Perkins, filius Edwardi

Perkins et Maris uxoris. Susceptores erant Gulielmus Abraham

et Maria West. Dec*'" II, 1737, baptizatus fuit Thomas Cooper, filius Jacobi Cooper

et Sars uxons. Susceptores erant Joannes Plopkins et francisca

Riddy. Anno 1737, die 27 Dec'"', baptizatus fuit Gulielmus Collinridge,

filius Henrici CoIIinridge ct Elizabethse uxoris. Susceptores

erant Jacobus Riddy et Esther Fisher. Anno 1737-8. die 6" ^[artij, Baptisnium suscepit Anna Harris, fllia

Gulielmi Harris et Annas uxoris. Susceptores erant Gulielmus

Hopkins et Elizabetlue Bennet. Anno 1738, die 14' Aprih's, baptizatus fuit Thomas West, filius

Joannis West et Elizabeth uxoris. Susceptores erant Thomas

Riddy et Maria Parrot. Die 13" Maij, Anno 1738, baptizata fuit Maria Hopkins, filia Gulielmi

Hopkins et Marice Uxoris. Sponsores erant Carolus Arrow-

sniiih et francisca Arrowsmith. Die i" Junij, 173S, baptizata fuit Anna Watts, filia Joanni Watts et

Elizabethce uxoris. Susceptores erant Jacobus Butcher et Anna

Read. Novembris 23", 1738, Sacro fonte lotus fuit Joannes Austen, filius

Joannis Austin et Mariae uxoris. Susceptores erant Gulielmus

Fisher et Anna Fisher. Dec*"" die prima, 173S, baptizata fuit Elezabetha West, filia Gulielmi

West et Rebecae uxoris. Susceptores erant Jacobus West et

Elizabetha Osborn. Jan. 20, 173S-9, Baptismura Suscepit Catharina Fisher, filia Jacobi

Fisher et Anns uxoris. Sponsores erant Joannes Osborn et

Elezabetha Fryday. Die febr. 1738-9, baptizata fuit Catharina Throckmorton, filia D°'

Robert! Throckmorton Bar" et Catharinae uxoris. Susceptores

erant Dni Joannes Talbot et Catharina CoUingwood, per vicarios

Claudium Barbieri et Mariam Grace. Die II" Martij, 173I, baptizata fuit EUzabetha Perkins, filia Edwardi

Perkins et Maria; uxoris. Susceptores erant Eduardus Perkins

et Anna Goode. Die 29" Julij, 1739, baptizatus fuit Jacobus West, filius Joannis West

et ElizabethtE uxoris. Susceptores Carolus Cooper et Elizabetha

Drakett. Die 12' Augusti, 1739, Baptizata fuit Ursula Abraham, filia Gulielmi

Abraham et Marias uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Purcell et

Elizabetha Osborne. Die 19' Aug. 1739, Baptizata fuit Helena Harris, filia Gulielmi

Harris et Anna; uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Ranken et francisca

Smith. Die 14" Octobris, 1739, baptismum suscepit Joannes Goode, filius

Josephi Goode et Hester uxoris. Susceptores erant Thomas

Huggins et Elizabetha Bennet. Die 4* Jan. i7f|., baptizata fuit Anna Throckmorton, filia D"' Rob"

Throckmorton Bar" et Catharina; uxoris. Susceptores erant

Antonius Brown, Dominus Montacute et Anna Petres, per

vicarios Claudium Barbieri et Elizabetham Mariam Stonor. Die 6' feb. 1739-40, baptizatus fuit Jacobus Hug2;ins, filius Joannis

Huggins et Annae uxoris. Susceptores erant Nicholaus Letellier

et Elezabetha Waters. Die 16° feb. 173940, baptizatus fuit Joannes Cooper, filius Jacobi

Cooper et Sara uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Cooper et Jana

Abraham. Die '27* Martii, 1740, baptizata fuit Maria Butcher, filia Jacobi

" Butcher et Dorothere uxoris. Sponsores erant Edmundas Petty

et Catharina Barringer. Die 30* Junij, 1740, bapti/ata fiiit Maria HoUyway, filia Henrici

Hollyway et Eliz: uxoris. Susceptores Carolus Jakes et Anna

Jakes. Die 17 Aug. 1740. Urgente periculo et absque cctremoniis baptizata

fuit Marie Hopkins, filia Joannis Hopkins et franciscre uxori.s,

cferemoni;\; omissc suppletx sa fuerunt Eadem die. Sponsores

Thomas Riddy et Maria West.

iaesi0trum Baptisatorum.

Ann. 1740, die 8*"'" 18^. Maria Obborne, alia Joannis Osborne et

Elizabethre uxoris. Sponsores Edwardus Osborne : Maria Fryday,

per vicarios Gulielnnim Hopkins et Annam (ioods. Ann. 1740, die g^"' 24". Maria Miles, filia Francisci Miles et Sarach

uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Ranken, Enser Church, per vicarium

Elizabethan! Ornie. Ann. 1741, die Jan. 26'. Helena Abraham, filia Gulielmi Abraham et

ilarire uxoris. Sponsores Maria Osborne.

Ann. 1741, die ffeb. 13". Anna Hopkins, filia Gulielmi Hopkins et

Elizabethae uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Ranken, Catharina

Waters. Ann. 1741, die fieb. 22'. Catharina West, filia Gulielmi West et

Rebeccas uxoris. Sponsores Joannes West et Maria West, per

vicariam Elizabethan! West. Ann. 1 741, die ffeb. 23.' Thomas Mark, filius Richardi Mark et

Elizabethae uxoris. Sponsores Henericus Stoner et Winefrida

Stoner. Ann. 1741, die Martij 3'. Bartholemeus Huggins, filius Thom:e

Huggins et Ann.-e uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Huggins et ffran- cisca ffisher, per vicarium Joanriem Huggins. Ann. 1741, die Martij ij". Maria Jakes, filia Caroli Jakes et Elezabelhze

uxoris. Sponsores Josephus Riddy et Anna Rea. Ann. 1741, die Aug. 9'. Guilielmus Harris, filius Guilielmi Harris et

AnnEe uxoris. Sponsores Josejjhus Riddy et Maria Pye. Ann. 1741, die Septembris 29". Guilielmus West, filius Joannes West

et Elizabeths uxoris. Sponsores Guilielmus West et Maria

West, per vicariam Janam Abraham. Ann. 1741, die S"'" i8\ Catharina Goods, filia Josephi Goods et

Esther uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Ranken et Catharina Waters. An. 1741, die 8"" 23'. Michrel Butcher, filius Jacobi Butcher et

Dorotheae uxoris. Sponsores Josephus Goods et Anna Rea. Ano. 1 741, die i' Nov"'". Elezabetha Riddy, filia Jacobi Riddy

et Dianae uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Ranken et Catharina

Waters. Ano. 1741, Die 22 Decembris. Anna flisher, filia Jacobi fifisher et

Annje uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Ranken et Elzabetha Osborne. Ano. 1741, die 23 Decembris. Elizabetha Hopkins, filia Joannis

Hopkins et ffrancisca uxoris. Sponsores Nicolaus Letillicr et

Elizabetha Waters. An. 1742, die Januarij 13". Josejihus Perkins, filiiis Edwardi Perkins et

MariE uxoris. Sponsores Edmundus Petty et Maria Parrott. An. 1742, die ffeb. 21. Catherina Huggias, filia Thonue Huggins ct

Anna; uxoris. Sponsores Xicolaus Le Tillier et ffrancisca Aden. An. 1742, die Aprilis if: Maria Youman, filia Thomas \ouman et

Margaritse uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Tax et Anna Tax. An. 1742, die Aug. 5". Carolus Jacques, filius Caroli Jacques et Eliza- beths uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Jacques et Maria Cioods. An. 174-', die Aug. 31'. Helena Osborne, filia Joannis Usborne et

Elizabeths uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Rankin et Maria Osborne. An. 1742, die Octobris. Maria Cooper, filia Jacobi Cooiier et Sarah

uxoris. Sponsores Thomas March et Maria Goods. An. 1742, die Decembris 5". Susanha AUaway, filia Hencrici Allaway

et Elizabetha; uxoris. Sponsores Thomas Riddy et Anna Rea. An. 1742, die Decembris 6^ Maria L. Tillier, filia Nicolai L. Tiilier et

Dianse uxoris. Sponsores Dominus Georgius Throckmorton et

Dna Maria Teresa Throckmorton, per vicarios Joannem Tax et

Franciscam Aden. An. 1743, die Januarij i\ Francisca Harris, filia Gulielmi Harris et

Anna uxoris. Sponsores Claudoveus Millett et Francisca Aden. An. 1743, die Januarij 2". Jacobus Butcher, filius Jacobi Butcher et

Dorothia; uxoris. Sponsores Michael Cox et Francisca Aden,

per vicariu Josephus Riddy. An. 1743, die Aug. 12". Francisca Abraham, filia Gulielmi Abraham et

Marife uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Ranken et Catherina Waters. An. 1743, die 21* Sep. Carolus West, filius Gulielmi West, filius

Gulielmi West et Rebecae uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Cooper

et Sarah Wilcox. An. 1743, die 28 Nov. Elizabeth Catharina Marks, filia Richardi Marks

et Elizabethse uxoris. Sponsores Henericus Stoner, per vicarium

Thomam Huggins et Petronilla Brand. An. 1744, die 13' Feb. Thomas Hopkins, filius Gulielmi Hopkins et

Elizabeths uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Harris et Elizabeth

Riddy. An. 1744, die ffeb. 16^. Joannes West, filius Joannis West et Elizabeths

uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Goods, Junior, et Lucia Cubbage. An. 1744, die Aprilis 4". Maria Goods, filia Josephi Goods et Hesther

uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Cooper et Maria Goods. An. 1744, die Julii i'. Anna ftisher, filia Jacobi ffisher et Anns uxoris.

Sponsores Jacobus West et ffrancisca Emer\'. An. 1744, die Julii 31'. Francisca Riddy, filia Jacobi Riddy et Dians

uxoris. Sponsores Paulus Butcher et Lucia Cubbage. An. 1744, die Octo'"" 3*. Esther Younian, filia Thorns Vouman et

Margarits uxoris. Sponsores Michael Archer et Lucia Cubbage. An. 1744, die 8^"' 28. Maria Huggins, filia Thorns Huggins et Anns

uxoris. Sponsores Henericus Stoner et Winefrida Stoner. An. 1744, die 8'"" 29'. Joannes Osborne, filius Joannis Osborne et

Elizabeths uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Hopkins et Sarah

Wilcox. An. 1745, die Jan. 20'. Richardus Butcher, filius Jacobi Butcher et * porothis uxoris. Sponsores Paulus Butcher et Lucia Cubbage. 13

An. 1745, die Junii 13'. Carolus HoIIoway, filius Henerici Holloway ct

Eliz uxoris. Sponsores Edmundus Petty ct Kli/: Kiddy. An. 1745. t^ie Aug. 14'. Joannes Abraham, tilius (".ulielmi .Abraham et

Mariw uxoris. Sponsores Jose[)hus Riddy ct Maria Mawby, per

vicariuni Jacobum .Abraham. An. 1745, die 8""' 20'. Josephus West, filius Gulielmi West et RebeccE

uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Goods, Jn', et .Maria West. An. 1745, Die lo"'" 22". Elzabetha Osborne, filia Edwardi Osborne et

Annx uxoris. Sponsores Jacobus Abraham et Maria Osborne. An. 1746, die Maij. Henericus Marks, filius Rich.irdi Marks et

Elizabethaj uxoris. Sponsores Nicokius Le Tillieret Diana Le

Tillier, per vicarios Thomam Ihm.^ins et .Anna; Huggins. An. 1746, die 17'' Aug. Maria Hammon, filia Jacobi Hammon et

Anna; uxoris. Sponsores Robertus Jacques et Maria Mawby. An. 1746, die 27 Aug. Gulielmus Hopkins ct Elizabethse uxoris.

Sponsores Paulas Butcher et Eliz.ibeth Waters. An. 1746, die 2 Octobris. Joannes Cooper, filius Caroli Cooper et

Marias uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Jacques et Elizabeth Watts. An. 1747, die 7". fi'eb. Sarah Jacques, filia Caroli Jacques et uxoris.

Sponsores Gulielmus Jacques et Erancisca FJmer)-. An. 1747, die 25 ft'eb. E'rancisca ftisher, filia Jacobi fhsher et -Anna;

u.xoris. Sponsores Carolus .Abraiiam et Maria Watts. Benedictus | An. 1747, die 15" Martii, baptizatus fuit Carolus

Simpson, alias > Mills, filius Erancisci Miles et . . . uxoris. Spon- Daniel, M.O.S.B. ) sores Joannes Ranken et Eliz. Melin. An. 1747, die 20' Maij. Catharina Osburne, filia johannis Osburne et

Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Goods et Sarah goods. An. 1747, die 4 Junij. Gulielmus E.iton, filius Thoma; ct Sarah Eaton. An. 1748, die 2 Februarij. Gulielmus West, filius Gulielmi West et

Rebeccje uxoris. Sponsores jacobus Cooper et Jana Abraha. An. 1748, die 8 Februarii. Gulielmus Jacques, iilius Caroli Jacques et

Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores jacobus West et Barbara Osburne. An. 1748, die 12'' Aprilis. Gulielmus Wooden, filius Edwardi Wooden

et Magdalena; uxoris. An. 1748, die 13' Aprilis. Robertus Archer, filius Roberti Archer et

francisc£B uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Cooper et Cath. Abraham. An. 1749, die 22 Januarij. Eliz. Huggins, filia Thomse Huggins et

uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Fisher, Jun', et Anna Read. An. 1749, die 2 Maij. Carolus West, filius Gulielmi West et Rebeccje

u.xoris. Sponsores jacobus West et Eliz. Wats. An. 1749, die 11 Augusti. Christina ^Vooden, filia jacobi Wooden et

franciscse Uxoris. 29 X. An. 1749, die 18 Augusti. Maria Throckmorton, filia D"' Georgii

Throckmorton et .Anna; Maria; uxoris. Susceptores D""" Robertus

Throckmorton, Baronetus, et D"" Eliz. Chichester. An. 1749, die 5 Septembris. Joannes Archer, filius Roberti Archer et

francisoe uxoris. Sponsores jacobus Cooper et Maria Wats. An. 1749, die 19 Septembris. Eliz. Hopkins, filia Gulielmi Hopkins et

Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Huggins et Anna Wheeler. An. 1749, die 3 Octobris. Anna Eaton, filia Thomx Eaton et Sarah

uxoris. An. 1749, die 9 Decembris. Joannes Wooden, filius Josephi Wooden et

Eliz. uxoris.



An. 1750, die 2' Feb. Carolus West, filius Joannes West et Eliz. uxoris.

Sponsores Robertus Archer et Maria Perkins. 23 X. An. 1750, die 12 Augusti. Robertus Throckmorton, filius I)"' Georgii Throckmorton et Annrc Marix uxoris. Susceptores D""* Gulielmus Paston et I)"''Cath. Throckmorton. An. 1750, die 16 Aug. Gulielmus Hammons, filius Jacobi Hammons et Annre uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Hopkins et Sarah Wilcocks. An. 1751, die 10 Jan. Carolus Huggins, filius Thomas Huggins et

uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Hopkins et Eliz. Huggins. An. 1751, die i Jan. Maria Eaton, filia ThoniK Eaton et Sarah

uxoris. An. 1751, die 4 Jan. Robertus Wooden, filius Jacobi Wooden et Fran- ciscan uxoris. An. 175 1, die 25 Jan. Simon Wooden, filius Joscphi Wooden et Eliz.

uxoris. An. 1751, die 7 Julii. Eliz. Jacques, filia Caroli Jacques et Eliz. Ux.

Sponsores Jacobus Cooper et Francisca Mills. An. i75i,die 7" Septembris. Maria Wooden, filia Edwardi Wooden et

Magdalemie uxoris. 21 An. 1751, die 10' Novembris. Anna Throckmorton, filia D"' Georgii X. Throckmorton et Annas Mariae u.xoris. Susceptores D""" Chichester

et D"" Arundel. An. 1751, die . Thomas West et Eliz : ux : Sponsores Ambrosias

Emery et Cath. Abraham. An. 1752, die 22. Paulus West, filius Gulielmi West et Rebeccas ux :

Sponsores Carolus Abraham et Priscilla Fisher. An. 1752, die 11 Julij. jacobus Wooden, filius jacobi Wooden et fran-

ciscae uxoris * 14^ Septembris Incipit Stylus Novus. An. 1752, die 14 Novembris. Georgius Cooper, filius Caroli Cooper et

Sarah uxoris. Sponsores .A^mbrosius Emery et Maria Abraham. An. 1752, die 14 Decembris. Franciscce Hammons, filia jacobi

Hammons et Annas uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Abraham et Cath :

Abraham. An. 1753, die 6 Feb. Gulielmus Wooden, filius Josephi Wooden et Eliz.

uxoris. An. 1753, die 24 Maij. Joannes Bucher, filius Jacobi Bucher et

Dorotheas uxoris. Sponsores Cath. Abraham et fran : Mills. An. 1753, die iS Junii. Joannes Hopkins, filius Gulielmi Hopkins et

Eliz : uxoris. Sponsores F.dmundus Petty et francisca Mills. An. 1753, die 27 feb. Margarita Wooden, filia Edwardi Wooden et

Magdalenas uxoris. An. 1753, die 19" Junii. johanes goodes, filius Josephi Goodes et

Marite Uxoris. Sponsores jacobus Perkins et hellena goodes. X. An. 1753, die 27 Julij. Joannes Courtenay Throckmorton, filius D°'

Georgii Throckmorton et AnnK Maria; Uxoris. Susceptores D""*

Fitzherbert, jn'', et D"' Paston. An. 1753, die 19 Novembris. Carolus Jacques, filius Caroli Jacques et

Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores Ambrosius Emery et Catherina Abraham. An. 1754, die 26 feb. josephus Butcher, filius jacobi Butcher et

Dorothea; Uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Jacques et Abraham.

E9dem Die baptismum suscepit Catharina Butcher Soror Uterina.

Josephi Butcher. Sponsores Ambrosius Emery et Cath. Enier)-. 15


,i ; - r .11/-.

An. 1 754, die 3^" Martii. Gulielmus Abraham, filius Caroli Abraham et

VViiicfridce uxoris. An. 1754, die 4Martii. Carolus Archer, filius Robcrti Archer et fran- ciscaj uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Jacques et Maria Abraham. Eodem die baptizata fuit Archer soror uterina Caroli Archer. Sponsores Carolus Abraham et Margarita Upton. An. 1754, die 19 Maij. Jacobus Osburne, filius Edwardi Osburnc et

Anna; uxoris. Sponsores Jacobus Perkins et ?:iiz. Cooper. An. 1754, die 13 Maij. Ursula Hu-gins, fiiia Thoma; Huggins et Anna

uxoris. Sponsores Thomas et Ursula Cook. An. 1754, die 22 julij. Magdalena M.arks, tilia Thomaj Jlarks et

. . . uxoris. Sponsores Robertus Wooden et D"" Letteher. An. 1754, die 17 Augusti. Joannes Goodes, filius josephi Goodes et

Manx uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Wats, jun', et Maria March. An. 1754, Die 8 Sep. Carolus Roberti, tilius Gulielmi Robert! et fran-

ciscffi uxoris. Sponsores D""" Howes et D"" Eliz. Whor\vood. X. An. 1754, Die 15 St-p. tleorgius Throckmorton, tilius D°' Georgii Throckmorton et Annre Marire uxoris. Susceptores D"" Edwardus Blount et D"" Barbara Throckmorton. An. 1755, Die 5" Maij. Thomas Eaton, filius Thomae Eaton et Sarah

uxoris. An. 1755, die 28 octobris. Rachiel Wooden, filia Josephi Wooden et

Eliz. uxoris. An. 1755, die 15 Novembris. josephus Osburne, filius Joannis Osburne

€t Eliz. uxoris. Sponsores Lucy Waring et jacobus Perkins. An, 175s, Die 29 Decembris. Catharina Emery, filia Ambrosii Emery et Catharine Uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Watts, Junior, et Agnes Abraham. X. An. 1757, die 2 Novembris. Carolus Throckmorton, filius D"' Geo. Throckmorton et Anna; Maris uxoris. Susceptores D"" Henricus Hunlocke Baronethus et D"" Maria Fitzherbert. An. 1756, Die 6 Nov. Margarita Wooden, filia Jacobi Wooden et

franciscaj uxoris. An. 1757, die 26 feb. Georgius Wooden, filia Jacobi Wooden et Eh'z.

uxoris. An. 1757, die 17 Julij. Anna West, filia Joannis West et Eliz: ux :

Sponsores Carolus Cooper et Jona Abraham. An. 1757, die 4 Septembris. hellena goodes, filia josephi Goodes et

Marice Uxoris. Sponsores Amb : Jacques et Hellena Harris. An. 1757, die 5 novembris. Ursula Cooper, filia Caroli Cooper et Sarah

uxoris. Sponsores jacobus Cooper et Ursula Dent. An. 1757. die 7'' Novembris. Gulielmus Jacques, filius Ambrosii Jacques et Annx uxoris. Sponsores Jacobus Perkins et hannah Tapling. X. An. 1757, die 8 Novembris. Margarita Huggins, filia Thoma: Huggins

et Annre uxoris. Sponsores Thomas Marks et uxor illius. An. 175S, die 28 feb. Teresa Throckmorton filia D"' Georgii Throck- morton et Anna; Maria; uxoris. Susceptores D""' Edwardus Blount et Domina Canning. An. 1758, die ro Martij. Anna Cooper, filia Caroli Cooper et Sarah

uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Wats, Jun', et Anna Harris. An. 1758, die 11 Junii. Anna Wheeler, filia Joannes Wheeler et Rachel u.xoris. Sponsores Jacobus Perkins et Anna Wats. 16

An. 1758, die 15 Jiilii. Maria Roberts, filia Gulielmi Roberts et franciscK

uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Tate et Eliz. Collingridge. An. 1758, die 23 Julii. Anna .Abraham, filia Carol! Abraham ct Wine-

frida Uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Emery et Charlotta Abraham. An. 175S, die 9 Sept. Winefrida Emcr)-, filia Ambrosii Emery et Cath.

uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Perkins et Maria Abraham. An. 1758, Die 9 Nov. Josephus \\'ooden, tilius Joseph! Wooden et

Eliz. uxoris. An. 1760, die 19 Nov. Susanna Wooden, filia Joseph! Wooden et

Eliz : uxoris. , An. 1760, die 3 Decemb. Elizabetha Eaton, filia Thomx Eaton et

Sarah uxoris. An. 1 76 1, die 21 Feb. Franciscus Throckmorton, filius D"' Geo.

Throckmorton et Annx Maris uxoris. Susceptores D""' Franciscus

Bishop et Domina Francisca lUount. An. 1761, die 3 Julij. jacobus Cooper, filius Carol! Cooper et Sarah

u.xoris. Sponsores Jacobus West et Maria Hopkms. An. 1761, die 12 Sep. Thomas ^\'heele^, filius joannis Wheeler et

Rachael uxoris. Sponsores Carolus Perkins et Maria Abraham. An. 1761, die 27 Octobris. Gulielmus Perkins, filius Jacob! Perkins et

uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Perkins et hannah Tapling.

An. 1762, feb. 23. Francisca Fisher, filia Cath : Fisher. Sponsores

joanes Abraham et Ursula. An. 1762, die i Maij. Joannes Perkins, filius Jacobi Perkins et

u.xoris. Sponsores Josephus Perkins et Wineft-ida Jacques. An. 1762, Die 8 Maij. Gulielmus josephus Throckmorton, filius D"'

Georgii Throckmorton et Annae Marise uxoris. Sponsores D°"'

Canning et D"" Eliz. Sheldon. An. 1762, die 7 Junij. Gulielmus Wheeler, filius Joannis Wheeler et

Rachael uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Perkins et Eliz : Hopkins. An. 1762, die 21 Junii. Anna Emery, filia Ambrosii Emery et Cath :

uxoris. Sponsores Carolus et Ursula Abraham. An. 1762, die 15 Julij. Gulielmus Godfray, filius Ricard! Godfray et

Eliz : uxoris. Sponsores Jacobus West et Helena Abraham. An. 1762, die 9 Novenib. Gulielmus Wooden, filius Jacobi Wooden et

Franciscje uxoris. An. 1 763, die 2 1 Jan. R.achael Eaton, filia Thomre Eaton et Sarah uxoris. An. 1763, die 3 Martii. Jacobus Wooden, filius Joseph! Wooden et

Eliz. uxoris. An. 1763, die 8 Martii. Gulielmus Fisher, filius Joseph! Fisher et

hellenoe uxoris. Sponsores Thomas Cooper et \\'inifrida \\'ats. Eodem die. jacobus Fisher, frater uterinus. Sponsores Joannes Abraham

et ejus uxor. An. 1763, die 7 Junii. Sussannah Hind, filia Gulielm! Hind et Francisca;

uxoris. Sponsores Michael Butcher et Anna Fisher. An. 1763, die 21 Aug. Maria Huggins, filia Thouia; Huggins et Eliz.

uxoris. Sponsores Gulielmus Hopkins et Eliz: iVIarks. An. 1763, die 23 Septemb. franciscus Jacques, filius Ambrosi Jacques

et Anna; uxoris. An. 1763, die 21 Dec. Sarah Perkins, filia Gulielmi Perkins et Mariai

uxoris. Sponsores Joannes Wheeler et Ursula Abraham. An. 1J64, die 28 Martii. Joannes \\'heeler, filius Joannis ^\^^eeler et

Rachael uxoris.

17 D

An. 1764, 16 Junic. Catharina Fisher, filia Toscphi Fisher et hellena;

uxoris. An. 1765, die 14 Martii. Eli/. : Enti Gage Pater, filia Pater et Maria;